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Tech Solutions

Innovative, automated, future-proof.

Digital solutions and technological platforms for your efficiency

Nowadays, efficient trading in the fund business is unimaginable without a high degree of automation.
It is for this reason that we rely on modern concepts and technologies when trading/transferring fund units or performing custodial measures. This includes the industry standards SWIFT and FIX, however in addition to these, our in-house web-based platforms ifsam-online is used for trading and FreeDel for the automated transfer of fund units.

This allows you to process your entire fund business to a highly automated degree, scalable to your requirements.

Tech Solutions in a nutshell

  • Web-based in-house platforms for trading and automated transfer of securities: ifsam-online/FreeDel
  • Innovative solutions throughout the entire process chain of fund business
  • Market standards such as SWIFT/FIX
  • Scalable IT solutions
  • White-labelled solutions