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Fund Dealing / Execution Services

Efficient, scalable, experienced.

“Best Execution” for all types of funds

Take advantage of fully automated processes and our multilingual team of experts at the trading desk who will oversee your orders.

Our platform provides you with access to over 135,000 funds – ranging from Mutual Funds and ETFs to more complex products like Hedge Funds. Without involving further intermediaries, we place your orders directly with the transfer agent. ETFs are placed either with on-exchange or over-the-counter execution on the available trading venues.

Straight Through Processing (STP) enables an efficient and seamless ordering process – from trading to settlement. Our electronic trading systems are scalable to any potential order volume.

In addition to industry standard trading channels such as SWIFT and FIX, clients are offered exclusive access to our in-house developed and maintained trading platform ifsam-online.

Fund Dealing/Execution in a nutshell

  • Fully automated processes
  • Multilingual team of experts at the trading desk
  • Expertise in trading Mutual Funds, ETFs & Hedge Funds
  • Trading systems greatly scalable
  • Communication channels such as SWIFT & FIX
  • Exclusive platform ifsam-online